Saturday, August 29, 2009

2 More Common Mistakes Following Engagement and How You Can Prevent Them

Here are two more common mistakes recently engaged couples make and how you can avoid them:

Forgetting to create a wedding timeline and take action on the details.

Another common mistake made by many couples is that they wait too long before taking action on important details for their wedding. Don't be afraid to make decisions after weighing your options. Much of the stress of weddings can be eliminated or minimized simply by taking time to plan and act on the details. Get or create your own calendar or date book so you can set specific dates by which you want to get things accomplished. Most bridal magazines have a wedding timeline in them or you can ask the wedding vendors you've got in mind when things need to be set in order to be ready for your wedding day.

Trying to do it alone. Instead, divide up the planning and assign tasks that need to be completed.
Once you have completed your timeline, you should split up the tasks that need to be completed. Both of you should be involved in the planning of the wedding. This will help eliminate a lot of stress and the feeling that you need to do it all yourself. Your mother and bridesmaids can also offer invaluable assistance in the planning details. If you do divide up the tasks, be sure to communicate about what each of you will do. Once it has been completed, check it off together so you don't end up doing the same thing twice!

In our next post, we'll share two more common mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

Jim and Heather Butler

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